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Dice are our weapon, make sure to keep them properly between hunting for an evil necromancer and saving a handsome prince.

Blind fate and a bit of luck write great stories, sometimes epic. Let each throw receive a dose of randomness and a clean sound of dice bouncing on the wood. After this roll, no one will accuse you of cheating. But on the other hand, you can overlook the brawls at the bones …

Believe me, here is some text better than Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Have you encountered situations where one throw can blow everything off the board? If not, it will be rather difficult to explain why you need such a tray, except for a nice look. However, if you have experienced it at least once, we have good news. Dice roll can be limited to a small space on the table [SPIOLER: unless we’re talking about the Team version, it need space, a lot of space]. Use the Dice Tray and control where the dice are after the roll.