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Story and everything about us

I’ve always been passionate about board games. In every free time, along with friends, we played various board and card games. Time for the game has always been, the place has always been there too. We played in a garage, garden or at home. However, there always was a problem of falling dices from the table, turning over elements on the board or searching for dice after the previous player’s throw. That’s when I thought to look for a solution. Browsing the Internet for the first time I came across a creature called “Dice Tower” helping players to control the dice. I checked and tested many copies, but none met my requirements and expectations. All had some disadvantage, starting from blocking the dices during the dump or bones falling out onto the table after the throw. And not quite an interesting performance, a matter of taste.

History and other staff

After a long reconnaissance, I came to the conclusion that it is worth creating the right version yourself. DIY and creating various things was nothing new to me. The first ideas gave birth to my head quite quickly, I knew what I wanted to achieve and what I needed to achieve. The time has come to move what I had in my head on paper in the form of the first projects. I felt like a construction department and at the same time a research and development department some a larger company. The first problem to solve appeared quite quickly. It was necessary to properly design the mechanism of the hinges, it could not cause any problems during use. Dimensions were another important point. They must have been perfect, no one wants to be restricted in advance regarding the selection of a set of dices. The dimensions of the were based on the owned of the dices held and simulations of their fall so that they do not block during the dump.

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First prototype

Months passed on the constant improvement of the Project. There were new versions, materials changed. There appeared new versions, materials have changed. And all this to get the right product that will fully satisfy me. Within two years, we have repeatedly changed the processes of creation, we searched for the right materials and all this to improve the quality. I put the quality first, the tower should not only be functional, but also have to be presentable properly. That’s why I chose wood and leather. I am very satisfied with the final implementation and I can put my version of the tower on the shelf without any worries.

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What's next?

In 2019, it is time to show the project to the World. I decided to start my own business and create wooden accessories for players as a nice alternative to working in the laboratory. In order to achieve the set quality goals, it was necessary to expand the workshop facilities, so that I can create my project 100% myself and have full control over everything. The last thing that has to be realized is the premiere at the turn of April and May …

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